Almost all people including the common mass and the intellects are the
critics about the health sector. They have different types of complains,
anxieties and tension about this sector. For instance, scarcity of
hospitals, and the paucity of doctors .There are no instruments, though a
few are available, they are not fit for use lack of——————-for test
and no physical facilities, inaccurate results of medical test and lacking
of nursing facilities in the hospitals. Those criticisms are not baseless.
For instance, a few months ago a photo-Journalist caught in his camera
that the cataract operation was being done by the unskilled workers like
peon, guard, sweeper, nurse etc. In a government hospital on exchange
of only TK. 1,500. Though the above complaints are not quite true, they
are partially true. The hesitation, doubt, curiosity and anxiety appear in
the mind of almost all sorts of intellects including the common people as
to how and who will treat the patients and bear the responsibility of the
health service of this vast country of Bangladesh.

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