Most of the countries and people in the world are relatively poor. In terms of the
continent, South America and Caribbean, South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa are
considered mostly poor. In these continents and associated countries growth rate of
the population is high, enrollment at primary and secondary level is relatively low,
percentage of youth of age cohort 17-21 entering into higher education institution
is as negligible as below 5%. Average longevity in South Asia is 65 as against the
European country of more or less of 80. As of the middle of 2009 total population
of South Asia is 150 crore 30 lac, out of which India has 114 crore or 76%
Pakistan 16 crore 61 lac, Bangladesh 16 core, Srilanka 2 crore 2 lac, Nepal 2 crore
88 lac, Bhutan 69 lac, Maldives 31 lac and Afghanistan 2 crore 90 lac.