‘Whatever is noble and ever pleasing creation on earth, half-of-it is done by
women, and the remaining half by men. But yet the utility or happiness in life is
not enjoyed equally by both men and women. In the world of poverty, women and
children are relatively poor because of natural and other sort of discrimination. The
terms women, discrimination and poverty are closely associated. In this article, the
development, empowering women, evaluation status of women in social, cultural
and religious arena are discussed. The description will include adverse
environment against female health and education, discrimination between men &
women, liberty and status of poverty-stricken women and issue of preserving
humanity of women as against men. Due to the formula of maintaining balance in
nature, the proportion of men & women is almost equal. It has already been
mentioned that in the world of poverty the number of women & children is
proportionately high.

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