According to Bogra Foundry industries or the agricultural
machinery manufactured in Bogra has been contributing to the economic
development of Bangladesh since the 1980’s. Briefly, agricultural machineries
and their establishment made-in-Bogra has been able to meet the domestic
demand for such goods and materials by 80%. In other-words, import need of
agricultural machineries has been decreased to 20%. The quality of agricultural
machineries in Bangladesh (Bogra) is very good, which are available in the
market at a very competitive price. The quality of these goods are no less than
quality of those made in China and Japan. Demand for these agricultural
machineries has been steadily increasing in India, Nepal and Bhutan. Last year
(2009) about 5,000 pieces of agricultural machineries were exported to India.
This year more than double amount of agricultural machineries will be exported
to India. It means that foreign demand for our agricultural machineries has been
increasing at a rate of geometric progression.

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