Men and women ratio is about 50:50 worldwide including Bangladesh due to
the magic of the nature. It is necessary that we have a good governance to
provide a social welfare. Social welfare means we try to maximize the utility or
happiness of men and women equally. An effort to increase the men’s happiness
and ignoring women’s happiness is not a good governance. Normally we intend
to provide or design a good governance implicitly for men only. Public voice
means that men and women equally or jointly can raise their issues on problems
and prospects before the ruling class. If we go through the literature on good
governance we find that we are asking everything for men only. This is a
discrimination directly and indirectly against women and their empowerment.
Actually what we expect for the aggregate human development by ignoring a
gender discrimination are the following: we need to develop men and women by
providing them with education and training, knowledge, skill, experience,
technological skill etc. Men and women can equally have an employment, good
working environment, salary and benefits, for the betterment of their life jointly
and separately.

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