Bangladesh is a small and over-populated country. Its economy is agriculture-and
rural based. Population of Bangladesh is about 16 crore as of 2011. Geographical
area of Bangladesh is 1, 47,570 km. It means that population per square km is
1,842 in Bangladesh, the density of which is the highest in the world. According to
the statistics of 1998, the administrative unit of Bangladesh is the following. Six
Division, sixty four Zila, 690 Upazila/Thana, 4,457 Union, 59,990 Mauza and
86,174 Village. Bangladesh has recently been developing at a relatively better rate
than ever before. This is a break-through stage in Bangladesh of transition from
agriculture to industry. This is a very good sign of its economic development.
Without the industrial development a country cannot achieve its goal of
satisfactory economic development. Briefly, industrial development is a pre-
condition of overall development, which has already been started in Bangladesh.
Comparing to our neighboring countries including India, the recent economic
progress of Bangladesh may be appreciated. For example, we have been able to
increase our the literacy to 67% and our longevity to 67 years, which are the same
as in India. We strongly expect that our education and health status will cross those
of India very soon. Once again, the industrial infrastructural development is a pre-
condition which has to be improved anyway.

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