Drug is a medical-oriented chemical substance that changes the physiological
function of animal-body and the human-body. If the drug can influence the human
physiology, it would affect the family-and social behavior, the most of which are
not acceptable to the society. A growing number of people are taking drugs as
stimulant. Drug problem is very acute among the teenagers, high school and
college students, elite class and the people living in the slum. This problem is more
serious for the English medium student. Drug addicted human being cannot behave
normally. They cannot function productively. They behave almost like an animal.
Sometimes they cannot make a difference between what is good or what is bad.
Once a drug addicted youth is married to some girl, their family life get broken
shortly after the marriage. Addicts cannot think rationally. They cannot study. We
do not expect any productive work from them. Addicted people’s contribution to
themselves, their family and society and their economy is either insignificant or
zero or negative.