Most of the people in the world are poor. Around 2005, about 40% of total
population of 15 crore in Bangladesh used to be poor. Recently, according to
some official information, poverty in Bangladesh has recently been decreased
from 40% to 33%. It means that more than 5 crore people in Bangladesh are still
poor. Most of the poor people are poor from their childhood. This scenario of
poverty is not significantly different from the average world poverty. Most of
the countries and the global people or people world-wide are poor. Poverty
starts from childhood. Some children are poor by born. Some are born in an
affluent family and the others are born and live in poverty. About 8 to 10 crore
children are poor around the world. Children poverty is a significant part of the
total poverty. There are many reasons for the children poverty. As mentioned
before, poor children are born in a poor family.

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