If you visit Thailand, you will see that people are busy with work and business.
Business centers seem to be full-off quality and industrial goods at affordable
price especially for apparel item. It means that apparently Thailand looks like as
an export-oriented country. Thailand is not import-dependent like Bangladesh.
Its service sector including hospital and health care centers also seem to be very
promising. Working place are full of more women than men. Agricultural
products including food and vegetables are very fresh and free of preservative.
Land and agriculture are very productive. Industrial products including export
sector are very expanding. People are likely to be very educated though they
seem to be weak in English. Culture is very liberal in this country. Foreign
visitors and domestic women can easily get friendly. Service sector including
hospitals are moderately expensive. Once you visit Thailand, you will see the
patient customer is coming from Middle-East and European countries to a few
Bangkok hospital. Because, hospital service in Thailand is not as expensive as
their hospital at home in Middle-East and Western countries.