The temperature has been changing globally. Sea levels are going up everyday.
According to many, these changes in temperature and sea level is not natural.
They blame the human world for these unnatural changes in temperature and
sea level. Climate change has been affecting our life and living worldwide and
in Bangladesh. The effect of unusual change are reflected in rain, flood,
drought, cyclone, river erosion and salinity etc. in Bangladesh. These changes in
climate are unexpected. Many are considering the change of natural
characteristics as the cause of climate change. For example, the population
density in Bangladesh is very high. Population of Bangladesh is about 16 crore
22 lac 27 thousand, which spreads over a limited land of 1,47,570 It
means that Bangladesh is the most densely populated land, where 1,099 people
live in a square kilometer. This population takes 0 2 (oxygen) and releases CO 2
(carbon-di-oxide) in their breathing and has been affecting the climate.
Equilibrium in forest resources are not maintained in Bangladesh. Forestation is
less than 25% in Bangladesh. Further more, the unexpected work on cutting
trees and deforestation are taking place continuously in Bangladesh.

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