Biologically the living being is of two kinds, which are the plants and the
animals. The animals is again of two types, the human as well as the animal.
When we talk about human rights, we don’t refer to anything relating to the
living being of the plant or the animal including snakes and ants etc. From the
beginning of the civilization, we are talking about the human rights only, not
anything about animal rights. However, in some traditional culture including
Buddhism, Gautam Buddha and the Jain Hindu including the others its a great
deal of sin or crime to kill animal or either to eat them or to obtain any other
objectives. Therefore, the Jain Hindus and the related are including many of
South Indians are purely vegetarian. They do not want to commit any crime by
killing animal for their purpose to cook or eat it. However, they consider
themselves purely as vegetarian considering the vegetables as only the basis of
eating and living. The vegetarian considered the living of the vegetable is not
the same as any other living being including the animal or the human.
Therefore, the vegetarian can cook and eat the living being of the vegetables
very safely and as the non-vegetarian.