Entrepreneurs are the engine of economic growth. Opportunity of savings and
investment in the production of goods and services exists around us in
Bangladesh. Who are the entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurs employ the technology,
organize resources and initiate the venture for production of goods and services
to exploit the opportunity. Entrepreneurs motivate the society, innovate and take
the initiative and risk in producing good and services. Entrepreneurship
development plan and program should impart some skill and knowledge
including communication and organizing skill, leadership, negotiation,
marketing, business and the financial matters etc. Personally entrepreneurs are
smart, knowledgeable, skilled and educated. They are formally or pragmatically
trained and experienced. Entrepreneurs are ambitious. They search for the
opportunity of how to grow fast. Their mission and vision is relatively good.
People with urban background can be better entrepreneur than those with rural
background. Individuals of good family connection avails an opportunity of
being a better entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are normally the social leaders rather
than being a follower. The family and parents’ background contributes more to
the children’s entrepreneurship.