All economics are divided into two sectors: Private and public. In reality the major
sector of the economy is the private sector. Private sector consist of private
individual, entrepreneur, investor, worker, broker, commission agent and their
firms and companies etc working under private ownership. Some enterprises,
firms, companies and corporations do not belong to any private ownership. These
are state-owned enterprises and are called public sector activity. In reality the state
owns everything under public sector. Private individuals and entrepreneurs own
everything in the private sector. State-owned enterprises do not belong to the
private individuals or group of individuals. Government is the caretaker of the
state, its interest, safetyness of its assets & property and state-owned enterprises.
We are confused to state that government is the owner of the state-owned
enterprises. This is not true. Government is responsible to run the state-owned
enterprises, the country its administration, and law and order, security, and to
protect the aggregate interest of the nation.

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