Among the factors of production the most important ones are land, labor,
capital, technology, management and the related others. Under capitalism
capitalists try to maximize their profit or minimize their cost of production of
goods and services. They organize their factors of production by themselves.
They would like to over-value their non-human factors of production such as
land, capital, management, technology and others. In other words, they want to
over-value their non-human factors of production and under-value the human
factors of production, which is called labor. The capitalists try to maximize their
output or profit or minimize the cost of production and the labor wage in
particular. In the production process, capitalists exploit the human labor. People
are selfish by born. The capitalist would like to benefit themself before they can
think of doing something for the others. People may be willing to benefit the
others from their surplus production. Also it is done through taxation system
under capitalism. Affluent people are taxed by the government. In capitalism the
tax revenue of the government is spent to build up the social capital and to
benefit the poor as a social-welfare benefit.

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