According to the critics of capitalism distribution of wealth, power and freedom
are not equitable in a capitalist society. Knowledge is power. Similarly wealth is
power. In the capitalist society, powerful man enjoys relatively more freedom.
Accordingly wealth, power, freedom and right of expression are correlated in
the same direction. In a capitalist society, wealth is not assumed to be equitably
distributed. So does the situation of human power and human freedom.
Capitalist is based on the assumption that human beings are selfish by born.
Communism is based on the assumption that human beings are altruistic.
Socialist ideology falls between capitalist and communism. In a socialist
country the state authority tries to distribute the personal and national income
relatively more equitably. These are frequently called a social-welfare state. In a
capitalist society, people are poor or rich by born. Due to the self-interest people
do not share their wealth with the others in the society. In many capitalist
society there is no inheritance tax.