Merits of socialism are theoretical. Merits of capitalism are practical.
Sometimes it is hard to have a match between what the socialist says and what
is really in their mind. According to socialist, as the human-being, we will try
our best in all possible ways to do all kinds of goodness for the human World.
But in many instances we can find that the leaders in socialism love to do the
best thing for themselves and their families like anybody else. For example,
many socialists are communist leader in South Asia including the former Chief
Minister of West Bengal, Jati Bashu and the affluence of their family life and
living can be mentioned. Theoretically, socialist would like to develop the
community as a whole instead of making their own benefit. In practice, many
people do not work by themselves in the system of socialism to do their best.
They think if they does not work it is not a problem for them.