It is commonly desired that we are all equal in the human world. Or men should
be treated equally. Equality has a different kind of meaning and explanation.
Normally many people have a perception that national wealth and income
should be equally or equitably distributed between individuals. So that
everybody has a minimum standard of life and living and nobody is extra
ordinarily poor. Or if poverty exists it would be alleviated through a fair income
distribution. These are the believe perceived by a section of people who are
called left winger or leftist. According to the right winger or rightist people
should be formally equal. Rightist do not believe in informal or arbitral equality
between people. According to them, equality between people have to be logical
or scientifically defined. Right wingers believe that everyone would be treated
equally under the law and order. People should be treated equally by the
Government. According to the believe in capitalism for equality or equitable
distribution between people, we have to provide equal pay for equal work.
Every individual will have equal human and political rights .