Flexism is a new theory of political economy. The characteristics of Flexism is
to provide flexibility and diversity in utilization of socio-economic and political
resource variables as efficiently as possible by having a relatively more
favorable combination between them. In order to have an optimum socio-
economic outcome, the theory of political economy of Flexism advocates the
following: Flexible and favorable combination of variable and fixed economic
resource, labor and non-labor factors or human or non-human factors and the
diversified relation between endogenous and exogenous socio-economic
resource variable. Exogenous variables will include the mix of capitalism,
socialism, communism and the component of the other related theory of
political economy. Once again, the objective of the Flexism theory is to achieve
the highest possible economic outcome in terms of the maximum possible total
social benefit and the maximum standard of people’s life and living…

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