The most of the global people and countries are poor. Of the 7 billion people
World-wide, about more than 4 billion people are poor. In other words, the large
section of the people are economically disadvantaged. Normally, it is said that
human beings are the best creature in the World. But if we cannot alleviate the
World poverty, how we can be awarded as the best creature. It means that
human beings are themselves problematic. Or we are not free from problem. We
are not free from the controversy that if we really want or do not want to
alleviate the poverty at all from the World. In other words, we cannot claim that
we are the best creature. What is really the problem with us? In biological
phylum, the living beings are of two kinds: Plant and animal. In zoology, the
animal is of two kinds: human and animal. The mankind scientifically belongs
to the group of animal. Naturally, it means that we are human and animal too…