The Chinese constitution was established in 1982, which is similar to the one in
America. In China, communism is the system of political economy under which
the Government runs the country. The Chinese constitution gives the rules and
regulation to a single party which is called the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
The CCP is the highest level of Government. The communist party of China is
the party in power in the country. The central military commission is the highest
state military organ with a commanding voice over the entire armed force in the
country. The President promulgates laws, appoints the premier, Vice Premier,
State Councilor, Ministers of various Ministry and State Commission, Auditor
General and the secretary general of the State council according to decision of
the National People’s Congress (NPC) and its standing committee. The National
People’s Congress is the organ of supreme power in the People’s Republic of
China. The National People’s Congress and its standing committee are elected
for a term of five years. They exercise the power of legislation, decision, super-
vision, election, appointment and dismissal. The administrative branch of the
state power is divided between the Central People’s Government and the local
people’s government.