There are two major political party in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Nationalist
Party (BNP) is the right winger and the Awami League (AL) is left winger.
Among the rest of 100 parties too most important minor parties are Jammat-e-
Islami (JI) and Islamia Oikka Jote (IOJ) who are normally right winger and calls
for an increased role of public life. The other important minor party is founded
by ex-military ruler General Ershad which is called Jatiya Party (JP). The JP is
ideologically not very different from AL and BNP. But operates independently.
Bangladesh is a parliamentary democracy with reasonably free, fair election.
Opposition of government policy is often displayed through violent,
demonstration including sticks, hartal etc. As mentioned before BNP and AL
are two major parties. While one is in poor and other major party is in
opposition which gets involved in demonstration. Recently the opposition
parties are more or less 30% or are too small to fight in the parliament….

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