It is generally said that the quality in education in Bangladesh is
not of international standard. It can, however, be asserted that
today our education scenario is rather advanced than that of the
earlier generations. We will hopefully go ahead successfully if
we are not distracted by criticism. Enthusiasm, inspiration,
suggestions and constructive criticism from the society and
people might help us significantly in ensuring standard
education. Having passed the whole 20 th century we are in
possession of a good number of universities, colleges and
university colleges though not sufficient yet. Institutions of
higher education have been regarded as merely teaching centers.
These institutions cannot contribute remarkably in the fields of
research that can support development. Secondly about a year
ago a survey was held throughout the world on the ranking of
educational institutions. As an outcome of the survey 4 Indian
Universities were ranked among 500 international standard
universities. Unfortunately neither of our universities is included
in the ranking list. Thirdly, more pitiable for us has been the fact
that we fail to manage jobs in international competitive market
by dint of our achieved education and certificate. The job
seekers have to achieve international standard education from
western and developed countries.