Higher education institutions including private universities have recently been
developed in Bangladesh. These are well accepted by the society since its
graduates are qualified and getting good jobs. Private universities are providing
teaching services to more than 50% or specifically 53% students. Public
universities can afford to provide its teaching service to less than 50% or 47%
in particular. Its means that higher education culture in Bangladesh is fairly
dominated by private (PVT) universities. We must have a great deal of respect
to the recently developed PVT university culture in Bangladesh. As mentioned
before, PVT universities are established for educational purpose only, not like a
company such as BATC (British-American Tobacco Company) the objective of
which is to make profits. In other words, PVT universities are not operated
commercially as business organizations. There is no scope for business
operations in the name of PVT universities. Profit and loss accounts are never
drawn-up in private universities since it is not applicable by the Act of PVT
universities. The purpose of PVT universities is to pursue higher education for
the potential students in the country.

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