According to Karl Marx there would be no capitalism, open market, open economy and no class-
system in the human society. Everybody would be equal or equitable politically, socially and
economically. According to Marxist philosophical ideology both human and natural resources are
created by God. Natural and physical resources and the income obtained form the available resource
should be distributed and re-distributed in an equitable manner. There should not be any class-system
in the society like labor class, slavery, private proprietorship would not exist in the future. According
to Karl Marx there would be remaining a single class only in the society namely, labor class. The
ruling class virtually would not exist. Physical and natural properties, God-gifted properties, man-
made or non-created property everything will belong to the labor class. According to Karl Marx
existence of poverty benefits or work in favour of the ruling class only. Ruling class is land lord,
industrialist, commission agent and the owner of private propriety or private proprietorship, the social
and political leaders, army, police and administrative personnel, civil servant, engineer, physician and
the bureaucrats etc.

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