The objective of education is to develop the human life comprehensively. It can be
said elaborately that the objective of education is to form a constructive and
virtuous society showing respect to law and judiciary system, being devoted to the
society, being inclined to religion and increasing social morality and eradicating
crime from the society.
A constructive society needs knowledgeable and skilled citizens. They are
expected to ensure the development and prospect of the society through standard
management and diligence. They are also expected to earn foreign currencies by
increasing export. In addition, they will lead the country to become a prosperous
The education system has to be rearranged to make such type of citizens. The
children will acquire good command of Bangla, English and of respective subjects
following the reformed curriculum and syllabus. So, they will be able to prepare
themselves to face the challenge of ongoing reality. The reformation of the
principle of education i.e. curriculum is the foremost necessity to fulfill this

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