All the human beings are assumed to be rational. They are brought up in the
family under the close care of their parents. Parents do not intend to make a
difference in rearing, bearing and caring between their children. However, in
many conservative societies such as there in Indo-Pak-Bangladesh sub-
continent, the parents are relatively more careful about bringing up their boys
compared to their girls. Normally, the girls get married at the point of crossing
their teenage or they are virtually sold out in the marriage market. In the
Western society such a discrimination between boys and girls are, however, not
very normal. Even the inherited assets and properties are equitable between the
sex in the less than conservative society. From the Islamic point of view, a girl
usually inherits the half of what a boy is blessed. As is normally thought, every
of us wishes to be a big man with a good name and fame in the society. How are
all these make a difference between the human? There are many more factors
than can be precisely briefed in this small space of writing..