Among the non-Capitalism only Socialism and the Communism will be
discussed in this article. In terms of population almost every country is large.
Many countries have geographically broad population. Different people have
different mind, brain and thinking. Naturally two individuals may be thinking in
a two different ways. We cannot expect the large and broad population will
have rigid or inflexible thinking. Naturally population will be diverse with
flexible thought and thinking. Once again, people do not live with inflexible and
rigid idea. Therefore, it is not very easy to maintain a common goal or set of
laws and order, rules and regulation for sharing effort and resources in the
society of any size under communism. According to the source of Google, large
and diversified societies tend to graviate towards the system of hierarchy which
is far from the ethics of fair distribution of work, income, national income and
resources. This tendency in a large society is very common which can
destabilize a communistic society.

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