It used to be a dream to relate Bangladesh with anything in association of
industry. Bangladesh is largely an agricultural country. A few decades ago
about 80% people used to live on agriculture in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is an
over-populated country. Most people remained unemployed. A long ago people
mostly get involved directly and indirectly in agriculture and farming.
Economic growth depend on agricultural growth. Agricultural growth and
development used to depend largely on the climate. If the agriculture is
sometimes vurnerable to natural disaster, economic growth becomes
insignificant. Briefly speaking, no growth in agriculture leads to no economic
growth and employment. That is what the Bangladesh used to be. Recently, the
economic scenario of Bangladesh has changed a lot in a positive direction. The
fate of population in Bangladesh is recently not directed only by agriculture.
Share of economic growth by industry has gone up to one-fourth of GDP.
Similarly, 25% of labor force is currently employed in industrial sector. All it
means that we are moving from agriculture to industry.