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Unemployment, Fiscal policy, and Trade-Deficit

The economists have no doubt that national and per-capita income, production and
economic growth will increase if expansionary fiscal policy is taken with a view of
economic development and decreasing unemployment. The people’s ability of
buying both the local and foreign goods increases along with the increase of
national income. Both the import and trade-deficit of the country will increase if
the demand of the foreign goods increases. Again, the prices of the commodities go
upwards when the government increases the budget deficit by adopting
expansionary fiscal policy and accelerates the public activities through increased
public investment. As a result, the foreigners express their dis-interest in buying
our local goods with relatively high price. So in the international markets our
competitive position goes downwards. It means that the trade-deficit also occurs a
result of expansionary fiscal policy and inflation.

Problem and prospect of health sector


Almost all people including the common mass and the intellects are the
critics about the health sector. They have different types of complains,
anxieties and tension about this sector. For instance, scarcity of
hospitals, and the paucity of doctors .There are no instruments, though a
few are available, they are not fit for use lack of——————-for test
and no physical facilities, inaccurate results of medical test and lacking
of nursing facilities in the hospitals. Those criticisms are not baseless.
For instance, a few months ago a photo-Journalist caught in his camera
that the cataract operation was being done by the unskilled workers like
peon, guard, sweeper, nurse etc. In a government hospital on exchange
of only TK. 1,500. Though the above complaints are not quite true, they
are partially true. The hesitation, doubt, curiosity and anxiety appear in
the mind of almost all sorts of intellects including the common people as
to how and who will treat the patients and bear the responsibility of the
health service of this vast country of Bangladesh.

Removal of district Quota a suicidal bomb against poverty alleviation

The main objective of economic development in Bangladesh is to eradicate poverty
through increasing and distributing the national income. Eradication of poverty and
keeping prices of necessaries under control are very much important in this regard.
It is important to create employment opportunity, increasing income and proper
utilization, bring the prices of essentials within general peoples reach and thus
remove public suffering. Bangladesh is affected by problems like over-population
and poverty. So it is imperative to remove poverty for the development of
Bangladesh. Presently district quota is one of the issue that have been considered
for removing poverty. If we remove this quota, it would appear as something

Manpower Export Remittance and International Depression

The area of Bangladesh measures 1,47,000 square kilometers. It is the most
densely populated country in the world. Here 144000000 (Fourteen crores and
forty lacs) people live. Nine hundred and fifty (950) people inhabit in each square
kilometer, which is rare in the world. If some surplus workers without hampering
the production and service sectors, go abroad, it increase the private income of
them and the Bangladesh government can earn huge amount of foreign currencies.
In Bangladesh the prime source of earning foreign currencies are garment industry
and manpower export. We earn more than twelve (12) billion dollar foreign
currencies separately for these two export sectors annually. Since the over
populated country of Bangladesh depends on import, the importance of foreign
currencies is immense here. We have to face different opinions, equivocal
discussion and criticism regarding the reflection of international depression in
Bangladesh and specially about manpower export.

A happy Marriage

What are our requirements in life? We would like to maximize our happiness in
our family fulfilling basic needs like food cloth house education and health care
and thus living a secured and peaceful life. A nation wants to enhance income,
GDP and employment opportunities with a view to removing poverty and raising
the standard of living and thus form a happy and prosperous society. Development
of an individual or a family or a society ultimately enhances national economic
development. In a word individual income results in national income, so it is a
necessity to utilize knowledge and resources in order to create congenial
atmosphere for wedding.

Higher Education and Research

The terms education, standard of education research and creative activities all of
these are closely associated with one another. One cannot be thought of without
another. We can think of better living only if we can achieve standard education.
Whenever we think of doing something in order to improve the standard of
education as well as make people happy and prosperous, we have to consider
researches. We consider research based education as higher education of quality.
Again it is not true that no research is possible without higher education. Formal,
informal and higher education and the knowledge and intelligence we achieve are
the sources of research.

Private University: Human Development & Equal Distribution

The overall development of a country, gaining economic resources, increased
national income and equal distribution of income are such important as the
development of human resources and their equal distribution. For the necessity
of the society, the nation needs building of human capital resources by
educating its people stepwise with higher learning. These human resources play
the vital role in order to build a prosperous nation. The equal distribution of
human resources can lead the nation to achieve a definite goal. On the other
hand, equal is providing with equal rights and facilities to all. irrespective of
rich and poor, caste and creeds.

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