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Education and the national development


All the human beings are assumed to be rational. They are brought up in the family
under the close care of their parents. The parent does not intend to make a
difference in rearing, bearing & caring between their children. However, in many
conservative societies such as there in Indo-Pak-Bangladesh subcontinent, the
parents are relatively more careful about bringing up their boys compared to their
girls. Normally, the girls get married at the point of crossing their teenage or they
are virtually sold out in the marriage market. In the Western society such a
discrimination between boys and girls are however not very normal. Even the
inherited assets and properties are equitable between the sex in the less than
conservative society. From the Islamic point of view, a girl usually inherits the half
of what a boy is blessed. As is normally thought, every of us wishes to be a big
man with a good name and fame in the society. How are all these make a
difference between the human? There are many more factors than can be precisely
briefed in this small space of writing. Normally, people differ by born. Somebody
is born in the educated family, some are in the business or political family being
the owner of assets and properties in dignified magnitude. I am not born in the
reputed family.

Singapore the best bureaucracy in Asia


The Republic of Singapore is a South-East Asian city-state off the southeast tip
of the Malay Peninsula. The capital of the Republic of Singapore is
“Singapore”. Singapore became independent from the United Kingdom (UK) by
31 August, 1963. Then Singapore got a merger with Malaysia by September 16,
1963. Singapore became separated from Malaysia by August 9, 1995. The area
of Singapore is 710 square kilometer or the length and breath each is about 30
kilometer or less. According to the 2011 Censes, population of Singapore is
51,83,700 out of which 32,57,000 or 63% are citizen of Singapore. Density of
population in Singapore is 18,943 per square kilometer. Per capita income in
Singapore is $ 59,711 in terms of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). In terms of
nominal GDP, per capital income in Singapore is $ 49,270. Human
Development Index (HDI) is very high or stands 26 th with the index of 0.846.
According to the above description, about per capita income,

Flexism theory and private sector


Flexism Theory is a political economic theory. Flexism Theory accommodates all
kinds of flexibility and diversity of various political economic theory to achieve
the objective of maximizing the human comfort and benefit in life and living……

Political Economy socialism as against communism


Communism is an economic system based on “You put your fair share; You get
your fair share”. Socialism is an economic system framed on “You get a share
regardless of your contribution”. People in the communist country participate in
the economic and non-economic activity by sharing their effort and resources
and benefit themselves according to their contribution. It means that people
participating in the communist system are gainer to the extend they are the
conductive to the society. If people do not participate in the system of
communism and its activity by putting their fair effort and resources, they are
simply culled or separated out. In other words, without sharing your effort and
resources to the system of communism you cannot expect your benefit.
Communistic system implies a kind of uniformity, in work and in benefit and
participatory integration etc…

Capitalism role of the government


Government exists in all kinds of society including Bangladesh. Without
government we cannot think of a state. To define a state it must have land,
population, government and sovereignty. However rules and regulation of the
state are not the same between capitalist and communist country. In communist
country the size of the government is bigger relative to the size of state in terms
of action and responsibilities to bear by the government. In a capitalist country
government is small relative to the size of the state. It means that government
responsibilities, function are minimum under capitalism. The main objectives of
the state is to protect its people, provide their safety-net, maintain law and order
and the judiciary system. In addition it is the responsibility of the all kinds of
government under capitalism and communism to build up the social capital
including road, bridge, culvert, educational institution, hospital, utility services
including gas, water, electricity etc. However, in communist country there is no
such thing like a private property right. For example in China every piece of
land belongs to the state. In communist country people may rarely have their
own business. Most business belongs to the government under communism,
where government does bear the responsibility of profit and loss. State is the
owner of the business. Labor market is well controlled by the government under

Mixed Economy of Invisible hand and flexism


Invisible Hand is something which cannot be seen with our eyes. For example,
if a house is surrounded by the tree, it is then invisible from the road. ‘Hand’
means a kind of physical strength or a force with which we do many things.
Invisible Hand is an unseen means of doing something. In economics, we define
Invisible Hand of market force as the unseen force of the market mechanism to
help determine the social demand and social supply of the goods and services at
the market price. Buyer would like to offer the market price for a consumer
goods and the seller would like to accept. The Invisible Hand is essentially a
natural phenomenon that guides the free market and capitalism through
competition for scarce resources. As the Invisible Hand resolves many more
economic problems than we can think of, we do not need much of a government
intervention as a guide for the economy

Recasting our secondary level Education


The objective of education is to develop the human life comprehensively. It can be
said elaborately that the objective of education is to form a constructive and
virtuous society showing respect to law and judiciary system, being devoted to the
society, being inclined to religion and increasing social morality and eradicating
crime from the society.
A constructive society needs knowledgeable and skilled citizens. They are
expected to ensure the development and prospect of the society through standard
management and diligence. They are also expected to earn foreign currencies by
increasing export. In addition, they will lead the country to become a prosperous
The education system has to be rearranged to make such type of citizens. The
children will acquire good command of Bangla, English and of respective subjects
following the reformed curriculum and syllabus. So, they will be able to prepare
themselves to face the challenge of ongoing reality. The reformation of the
principle of education i.e. curriculum is the foremost necessity to fulfill this

Inflation cause and remedy


In every developing country inflation of some kind occurs along
with economic development which is called natural inflation. The
rate of this natural inflation is more or less 5%. If the inflation
exceeds 5% the general demand for local products and the
consumers are affected. In Bangladesh the present rate of
inflation is relatively high even though the figure remains within
the single digit. We are afraid if we cannot resolve this problem of
inflation by contractionary economic policies this rate will rich the
double digit soon. It will result in terrible crisis in economic
activities of the country. Because of adverse effect of inflation the
economy and the nation are being affected in different ways.
Unexpectedly different groups of people are affected in different
fashion. The poor is becoming poorer. The rich is becoming
richer. Inflation is creating obstacle to the development of the
country. Buying capacity of the mass has drastically decreased.
Peace and happiness in public life is pitiably affected because
they cannot afford to buy goods and services they require as
before. The demand and supply of our own goods and services
have reduced. Goods and services in a country are provided by
the agriculture industries and business organization and

Capitalism How it works


The term capital refers to a fixed factor of production, which does not change in
the short run. Capitalist refers to an owner of capital. Production of goods and
services will belong to the capitalist. Capitalism is an economic system where there
is several exchangeable terms including capitalist mode of production, economic
liberalism, free-enterprise economy, laissez-faire economy, market economy,
market liberalism and self regulating market. Free market capitalism consists of a
free price system where supply and demand reaches a point of equilibrium without
government intervention. Productive enterprises are privately owned. The rule of
the state is limited to protecting property rights.

Physical Education


Sports and physical activity increase our self esteem, weight control, stress
management, physical and physiological skill development and academic and
non-academic performance. Physical Education helps us to maintain fitness,
muscle strength, physical strength and mental fitness. The courses of Physical
Education also help us learn the benefit of healthy and nutritious food. It
describes the ill-effect of junk food. Sound eating practice and guideline for
nutrition are very important in life that can be learned through Physical
Education. With the appropriate authority in Bangladesh we would have been
well aware about the necessity of Physical Education. A Few of which may be
mentioned below. Referring to many, Physical Education also helps improve
our ability for right judgment by increasing our moral development.

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