Short Biography

Short Biography

Prof. Dr. M. Azizur Rahman

A Short Biography

 Prof. M. Azizur Rahman, Ph.D, Vanderbilt University, USA, is a renowned academician and an eminent economist of national and international repute. He has completed his graduation in 1972 from Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) from the Department of Agricultural Economics by standing first in the first class and has obtained Masters Degree from the same department at BAU in 1973. He went to USA for his higher studies leading to Ph.D in Economics with the World Bank Scholarship. He successfully achieved his PhD in Economics from Vanderbilt University, a noble laureate school, USA in 1987. He has twenty five years of university teaching experience at home and abroad. He worked as an Economic Adviser of the USAID of the US Embassy of Bangladesh from 1989 to 1997.

Dr. Rahman is the founder Vice-Chancellor/CEO of Uttara University. He has been appointed as the Vice-Chancellor of Uttara University for the 3rd times by the Chancellor of Uttara University and President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The motto of Uttara University is to range the higher education in every nook and corner of the country at affordable tuition. His aims and objectives are to help achieve an extensive development of higher education industry around Bangladesh by providing higher education to the meritorious students coming from the middle and the lower middle class families at affordable tuition. The essence of his ideas of the development of higher education is limited to the fact that he never compromises with the discipline and quality education.

Mr. Rahman is the proud author of four books of poetry namely The Essence of Life and Musings of the Soul published from USA and Footprints on the Sand and Elixir of Life published from UK. Text Book Governance: Global Problems and Prospects is going to publish from APPL, BD. Another two books on Bengali jokes namely Smritikotha and Tukro Tukro Smriti have also been published in Bangladesh. Along with them, many of his research articles on social, economic and human resource development have successfully been published on different national and international journals and newspapers. Dr. Rahman is the esteemed founder Chairman of numerous educational institutes of Bangladesh and Uttara University in particular.

Dr. Rahman is a renowned Freedom Fighter who was ready and risked his life during the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971. He is a lifetime member of Bangladesh Economic Association. He has been working for the overall development of the educational system of Bangladesh. He is a proud father of two meritorious male children and a responsible husband of Prof. Dr. Eaysmin Ara Lekha, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Uttara University.